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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taiwan: Something for the Whole Family

For my family. Wish you were here in Taiwan with us. I'm sure you'd love it!

For my Mom, who shares my love for hot springs and massages. Of all the hot springs that bubble up in Taiwan, perhaps you would love the one tucked away in Jhihben most. The water flows into a huge pool that is outfitted with massage jets in dozens of individual stalls. So you can float through the naturally warm water to massage your feet, your lower back, your neck, and so on... so relaxing.

For my Dad, who has an adventurous spirit and an impeccable sense of direction, I'm sure you would love winding your way through all of the nature trails that go over the mountains and through the woods… where they end, nobody knows.

Maria, my sister, the dog lover. You would meet many of your 4-legged companions in Taiwan.

They roam the streets, sun bathe near monuments, and pass out in parks.

And really lucky ones, like Willow, have homes where they get to curl up under the kitchen table.

Nick, my brother, an engineer with an artistic bent, you would love to get your hands on some of this driftwood that has washed up on the coast. I'm sure you'd find all sorts of use for it.

And when you were done with that project, perhaps you would like to make a little side business by selling plastic bead keychains at the night market :).

And last but not least, for Nathan, my youngest brother who has an infinite appreciation for bathroom humor, I'm sure you would get the greatest kick out of riding the Diing Dong Bus.


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