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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Natural Epicurean Earns Sustainable Teaching Award

The Natural Epicurean Academy earned Texas Campaign for the Environment's 2011 Sustainable Teaching Award at their 20th Anniversary Celebration that we catered on Saturday, September 24th.

Here's what we brought to the table:

The Plant-Centric Sandwich Trio
Prepared by the Barr Mansion and the Natural Epicurean
September 24, 2011

Plant-based cuisine is requires less energy, land, and water resources than animal-based cuisine. This plant-centric trio of sandwiches features an array of local, organic produce generously donated by Johnson's Backyard Garden, delivered on artisan-made, wood-fired bread which was made using no heavy machinery or additives, but rather the skill of a master baker able to adjust for natural fluctuations in temperatures and moisture levels.

* * *

Grilled Summer Squash

Marinated in Smoky Mesquite Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, and Sea Saltwith a Carrot Walnut Pate and Fresh Arugula
on Moroccan Spiced Ciabatta

Freshly-Pickled Pepper, Radish, and Fennel Medley
with a Root Vegetable Puree and Oregano Marinated Onions
on Parmesan Ciabatta

Roasted Butternut Squash
with Sweet Potato Greens Marinated in a Sesame-Sweet Mustard Vinaigrette and Caramelized Onion Spread

on Sesame Seed Ciabatta

* * *

The team of culinary students who executed on the menu just started the Natural Epicurean's 900-hr professional chef's training program in August. This event was great experience for working in tight quarters in public eye. Everything ran smoothly and on schedule thanks to the
excellent communication skills, work ethic, and supportive spirit of our team.

Natural Epicurean Culinary Students Crank out 500+ sandwich tastings at the Texas Campaign for the Environment Benefit on September 24, 2011. (From Left to Right) Einat Soltes, Katy Hacker, Brenda Reed, Natalie Conti and Olivia Gregg


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